Any Organization Can Benefit From IVR

Any Organization Can Benefit From IVR


Customers are wanting answers and they are wanting them in a timely manner. Creating the best customer experience possible is now a top priority for any business. Today an ideal customer experience is dependent on efficiency, accuracy, and convenience all while keeping the customer happy. With customers setting such a high bar for companies to achieve they need to make sure they check all the boxes when interacting with customers. Interactive Voice Response systems are here to make all of that possible. 

What is IVR? 

Interactive Voice Response is a system that allows a caller to call a business to get an answer about a product, good, or service they are offering. IVR is most commonly associated with the interface where you press a number to be transferred to the service you desire such as “Press 1 for product questions.”

IVRs are most commonly found in call centers to handle the influx of calls received. Having a system that is well organized and gets the customer to the right location will allow for customer success. 

4 Abilities of IVR Anyone Can Use

1. Determining what the caller needs

IVR systems allow all the customers to navigate their way to the appropriate agent to get the answer they need. This can either be done through clicking a number to direct their call or they are able to state the issue they are having with voice recognition software. Both options allow the customer to get the appropriate agent who can best assist them.

2. Assessing callers expectations

IVR systems can help manage caller expectations when it comes to hold times. Informing the customer of the approximate time until they reach an agent will keep their expectations in check and create transparency which is valued. If an IVR system is set up to its fullest potential it will have a callback feature that will put callers in a queue so they do not have to continue to sit on hold.

3. Being proactive with agent interactions

The information gathered by the IVR system will inform the agent as to why the customer is calling. For example, if they are able to provide their name and reason for calling the agent will already have that information to work off of. IVRs provide the agent with helpful background information before diving deeper into the issue that the customer is having.

4. Compiling customer feedback

Obtaining customer feedback is crucial to understanding the customer experience. IVRs have the ability to present surveys once a call is completed. This feedback is essential for understanding what the customer thought of their experience. Administering a survey right after the call will allow for a true and honest reflection. 

Why IVR is For Everyone

Interactive Voice Response Systems have the ability to serve a business of any size. One of IVRs most basic functions is to greet and direct customer calls to the appropriate agent. Any business can take advantage of this feature of IVR to streamline the customer service experience. Here are three ways to take advantage of IVR no matter the business size. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

When customers are reaching out to a business they typically have a problem they want to be resolved. Setting up an IVR that creates an easy-to-use interface will allow the customer to give the appropriate information to an agent that can best assist them. In addition, IVRs run 24/7 therefore if a customer has a question they are always able to reach out knowing that the business is there for them which instills comfort in their mind. 

Upgraded Agent Experience

Improving agent experience can appear to some like a challenge. However, IVR routes call based on the caller's needs, directing them to the proper agent. Due to this agents are able to streamline the process and attend to more customers. When customers reach the agent they will be happier as they are in contact with someone who is going to be able to find the best solution for them which makes it a pleasant interaction for the agent. 

Faster Results

With customs providing their IVR with the need-to-know information and what issue they are dealing with will allow them to get transferred to the paper agent in a shorter amount of time. IVR allows for smarter transferring and routing allowing for customers to get quicker results and agents can provide the necessary information in an efficient manner.

IVR is a tool that can be used in any business to provide an exceptional customer experience. The multiplicity of options you can use in combination with IVR makes it customizable for any business size. Providing the best customer experience possible is obtainable when using IVR to facilitate any questions or concerns callers have. 


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