ivr expands governement resources

IVR Expands Government Resources

By John DeUlloa | Aug 22, 2021

IVR Expands Government Resources It is safe to say the load and demand on Unites States Government websites have grown substantially both in visitors to sites and urgency of access. Exponentially increased volume of those needing a way to connect to government sites quickly overwhelms staffing limitations and leaves citizens and others disgruntled and frustrated. […]

The Unique Digital Dilemma

By John DeUlloa | Jul 30, 2021

The Unique Digital Delima There are two opposing views of how technology has markedly affected human interaction – this is the digital dilemma. One of these views firmly believes we are gripped by the digital age, which takes away from the human interaction experience and distracts us from engaging with others. The strong opposing view […]

improving morale with IVR

Improving Morale through IVR

By John DeUlloa | Jul 17, 2021

Improving Morale through IVR As our nation celebrates re-opening, many businesses are also feeling the pinch of the impending labor shortage. If you have ventured out for business or pleasure, you have likely experienced what shortage looks like in the workplace. This translates to overwhelmed employees and impatient and disgruntled customers. This is not exclusive […]

post pandemic changes

What Trends Can We Expect Post-Pandemic?

By John DeUlloa | Jan 29, 2021

Looking Ahead: What Trends Can We Expect Post-Pandemic? At VCloud, we are constantly watching economic and social trends, almost as much as we are watching and testing new technologies. Lately we have been focusing on what trends will likely start, stop or even change forever because of COVID-19. Some of these are devastating. Others, however, […]

Hands Off Technology: Making the Switch to On-Demand Cloud Services

By John DeUlloa | Dec 2, 2020

Hands Off Technology: Making the Switch to On-Demand Cloud Services Communicating with your customers via phone, text and even video these days is mission-critical, so why mess with the headache and endless costs that come with taking care of these services on your own? If your company has not yet moved to a true on-demand […]

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