Creating a Personalized Customer Experience

Creating a Personalized Customer Experience


More than anything customers want to feel like their experience is being catered to their interests and needs. When this does not happen they feel undervalued and as if they are just a number to you. Creating a personalized experience will lead to better customer satisfaction and customer retention. A study found that 88% of marketers say their biggest driver in personalization is to deliver a better customer experience. Customer experience and personalization go hand in hand and is what continues to draw consumers in time and time again. Here are two ways to create a personalized experience for every customer:

1. Integrating Artificial Intelligence

AI has the ability to create a personalized experience for every customer by capturing and retaining data to optimize every consumer profile. You are able to do this by masking their personal information such as phone numbers, payment details, and addresses but still gathering data from non-privacy protected sources such as using cookies, if they have called your company before, or if they use your app. This is a starting point for AI to be introduced into personalizing the customer experience.

2. Allow for customer feedback

Customers always have an opinion and it is important that you listen to that opinion, good or bad. The best opportunity to gather feedback from customers is after a customer service interaction. This will allow you to ask questions like “Did the service accomplish what you were looking for?” or “Did you feel as if the service was catered to your needs?” Crafting questions like this that allow an open response gives customers the opportunity to fully share their experience and opinion on that experience. 

Using Article Intelligence and customer feedback are the main ways you are able to gather actionable insights to take with you into the future to make personalized and customized experiences. With the world becoming more digital and interactions occurring through digital interfaces yet customers are still craving the experience as if they were in person. Interactions tailored to each customer should be a top priority as it relates to customer retention and creates a positive brand image.

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