Creating a Stress-Free Call Center

Creating a Stress-Free Call Center

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The new year is an exciting time; setting goals and resolutions to bring you an abundance of happiness and success. Accomplishing your goals in and outside of work will prove that when you set your mind to it it can be done. 

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of our lives from work to our personal health. The drastic toll from COVID-19 has impacted mental health as well and created difficulties. Research has found that more than 50% of respondents are dealing with workplace burnout and ⅔ of the respondents said that COVID heightened that. By creating a call center that is taking steps to reduce burnout with its employees it will create a more positive environment in the workplace. 

Ensuring there is minimal burnout in the workplace is key for maintaining success. This directly translates to call centers. 

Customer service is hectic. Agents are tasked with keeping customers satisfied by answering their questions thoroughly. All the while they are dealing with obstacles in their personal lives. Understanding that employees’ lives extend beyond the hours they work cultivates a more meaningful relationship.

By utilizing these four tools you will be able to cultivate a stress-free, committed and lively call center environment where agents are successful and customers are satisfied. 

     1. Advocate For a Daily Routine

Creating a consistent and enjoyable routine will help aid productivity because you can start or end your day off on a good note. Easy ideas to suggest to agents would be going on a walk, spending time with people they care about, or journaling. All of these and more can help ensure your agents are coming to work refreshed and ready to take on the day.

    2. Acknowledge and Honor Employees

Every employee wants to make sure that their wants and needs are heard. When employees are heard they feel valued and understood. Starting the year off acknowledging employees and creating an environment where they feel valued will encourage them to do their best work.  

    3. Support Taking Breaks

Burnout during the age of COVID is something that has been a challenge for employees to deal with. Encouraging employees to take 5-minute breaks when they need to be refreshed will guarantee the job is done to the best of their ability. 

     4. Arrange Frequent Check-ins

Demonstrating to your employees that you value their opinions and needs during regular check-ins will show them that you do care about them. These meetings do not need to be formal but more of an informal conversation. Encouraging chats between employees can also show that they are not alone and can facilitate bonding. Creating connections in this remote world will help employees feel closer together. 

Starting the new year off with a stress-free mentality cultivated in and outside of the workplace will help employees find more opportunities for success in all aspects of their lives. 

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