Dedicated Customer Service: 5 Ways to Have Success

Dedicated Customer Service: 5 Ways to Have Success

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Being a consumer and getting the answer you are looking for right away and in a time-efficient manner sounds impossible, yet, it is possible. You might be thinking this is an ideal world but it is indeed a possible one. It is all done through dedicated customer service. 

What is Dedicated Customer Service Important and Why Does it Hold Value?

Dedicated customer service is when issues are detected before they occur and solutions are formulated prior to a customer reaching out. It includes everything from IVR to off-shore call centers. 

Dedicated customer service is proactive, not reactive. Potential issues will always be identified before they reach an audience. This prevents you from undergoing a mountain of issues and problems to fix. Being proactive is key to dedicated customer service. 

Practicing a dedicated customer service strategy will keep your customers happy and positive results will be shown.

  • Fewer issues will be mentioned to your representatives: By getting ahead of issues it will create a less stressful environment for your representatives. Your representative will now be more focused on responding in a timely manner while providing the most thorough answers to any questions posed.
  • More growth is possible: Being proactive on any potential issues will allow you to put more resources into continued growth. Being dedicated will not require you to expend any more resources yet having a reactive strategy would.
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience: Dedicated customer service provides a well-rounded experience where customers can get complete answers in a timely manner. This is important to customers because it allows them to 

Five Ways to Create a Dedicated Customer Service: 

     1. IVR Including Important Announcements

Call centers are one of the first places customers reach out to when they encounter an issue. Although they might be calling because of a problem this is a good place to spotlight the positives of the company in a brief message when they first connect with the call center. 

It might appear obvious that including a brief message on how the issues the customer is encountering are being fixed before they reach a live agent. Knowing that they are being heard and understood is key to customer success. 

     2. 24/7 Call Centers

Have you ever encountered a problem and tried to get it resolved but no one is there to assist you through it? By having access to 24/7 call centers customers can get direct answers to questions whenever they want. Setting up 24/7 call centers will improve a customer's experience and create a positive impression on how the company is working for them. 

     3. Real-Time Feedback

A key factor in dedicated customer service is understanding the customer’s wants and needs. In order for this to happen an outlet needs to be created for them to voice their opinions and suggestions.

Setting up real-time feedback through automated questionnaires post-interaction will allow for continuous feedback while bigger issues can be identified and fixed. If it is a continuing issue that many consumers are coming across you can place an automated response to give the answer in the most direct way. 

     4. Product Features and Advances

Every new product advancement is here to serve the customer to ensure they have a better experience each time. 

Although there may be some bumps in the road when introducing a new feature

customers appreciate that their experience is being improved in the long term in case they need to reach out in the future. 

Advancing the product or service is dedicated customer service because you can encounter an issue before the customer comes to you. Being dedicated and proactive stands out in customer service.

     5. Social Media Monitoring

With the heavy presence on social media, it is one of the first places you will hear of impending problems. 

It is immensely difficult to monitor every call and be able to forecast a problem from certain calls. Yet, having an understanding of social media and how issues are communicated there can lead you to find an issue that might cross your path. 

When your account is directly mentioned on a social media platform you will be notified. You can be mentioned in both a positive and negative way. You are then able to be proactive if there is an issue and find the most manageable solution. 

Being able to have a record of your company being mentioned on social media is useful because you are able to see how your brand is interacted with. You are also able to connect with consumers and aid them on this platform. Creating a positive relationship with users is a key factor to success. 

Dedicated Customer Support is Possible

Implementing these five strategies will create a dedicated customer service base that is proactive when it comes to potential issues before they are recognized by customers. Dedicated customer support is not only helpful to the customers but the agents as well. There will be a positive experience for everyone involved. It may take time and dedication to reach your goal of a holistic customer experience but it is worth it once you reach it. 

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