How COVID-19 Has Permanently Changed Contact Centers

How COVID-19 Has Permanently Changed Contact Centers


The past two years have been a whirlwind in every aspect of our lives and unprecedented changes have occurred. Some have advanced us into new futures and provided obstacles for us to overcome. 

Contact centers have endured a great deal of this change and much of it has propelled the industry forward. Here are four ways contact centers have undergone permanent changes for the better. 

     1. A more dynamic workforce

Agents now have the ability to work from anywhere. When given the appropriate technology agents have access to the same tools when they are working in an office. COVID has shown that creating a flexible and dynamic workforce from anywhere in the world is fully possible. 

     2. Costs have been reduced

COVID-19 sparked a global recession that has impacted every industry in one way or another. Due to this organizations and businesses have shrunk their sizes while still maintaining a solid business. In the past two years, we have come out of the deepest part of the recession and seen businesses solve more problems than they have intended. Creating a more noble and dynamic workforce businesses have succeeded in still providing their customers with the best experiences possible.  

     3. A push towards more capable platforms

Organizations were pressed to have the best contact centers possible to keep up with customer demand. With in-person events and activities closing people relied on online services more than ever. Due to people being pushed online businesses needed to be able to handle the change and create a platform where customer needs can be easily accessed. 

     4. Contact centers role has changed

Businesses and organizations were driven to upgrade their contact center platforms before they may have intended. The need for online businesses grew and having a reliable platform if the business or organization needed to be contacted is key. Creating an engaging customer experience that was no longer face-to-face was a challenge that was overcome with the advancement of partnering with well-rounded contact centers. 

COVID has propelled businesses of all types to rely on contact centers for handling the influx of customers who are not able to get their problems resolved in person. Having a reliable full-service contact center was not in store for many businesses yet they were pushed to get here due to the changes brought on by the pandemic. 

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