How Does Customer Experience Create an Image for the Brand?

How Does Customer Experience Create an Image for the Brand?


How the customer interacts with your brand for the first time will create a lasting image in their minds. Each customer will have a different experience based on the issue they encounter and how the interaction with the brand goes.

Customer Service or Customer Experience?

Customer experience and customer service are two distinct areas yet are heavily intertwined. Customer service is only one piece of customer experience. Customer experience takes into account every part of the customer journey. If there is a positive experience such as free shipping or a product arriving early that factors into the experience. Customer service is dependent on a customer interacting with the business. If they leave happy and have a good experience that is good customer service. Both of these elements are valuable to the business and inform them of what they are doing right and what can be improved.

Why is Customer Experience So Important?

Customer experience hones in on how the customer feels about their interaction with the brand. It takes into account every interaction, big or small, that influences each individual’s opinions. Although some of the perceptions that people have of your business can come from outside sources. Social media, word of mouth, press releases, viral videos, and emails among other things. All of these external factors contribute to how your business is perceived. 

This creates an exceptional opportunity for businesses to oversee the various touchpoints and provide cohesive experiences. However, it can be hard to manage all of these experiences and needs to be handled correctly or brands could drive away customers. 

Customer service interactions are a tell-all for how a customer views the brand. This relationship is critical because it is the most direct form of interaction between brand and consumer. Customers who reach out can be in an exposed and sensitive state. Training customer service representatives to be understanding and responsive to what they are feeling. If agents respond like this it will create an environment where customers feel valued. 

Creating Agents who Value Customer Experience

Agents are the first and primary point of contact when a customer is reaching out to solve a problem. The customer experience is then in the agents’ hands. Training agents to be compassionate, empathetic, and competent will lead to a strong relationship with the customer and the ability to have the problem resolved. Creating a work environment where agents know that customer experience is a top priority will allow for positive interactions in the future and create a positive brand image in the customer’s mind. 

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