How to Reduce the Level of Customer Exertion

How to Reduce the Level of Customer Exertion


Trying to get an answer in the easiest way possible but have to jump through various hoops to get there? This is something customers encounter frequently yet is perceived as an annoyance when trying to get an answer. Conversations that involve more effort for the customer are more likely to feel as if they had a poor interaction.

Here are two main ways to reduce frustration and increase satisfaction with customer interactions. 

1. Keep in Mind That They Are Your Customer and to Make it Personal

Every interaction you have with a customer will have a lasting impact on the impression of your company. It is important to remember that they are your customers for a reason and interact with you because they have a specific need. Creating a unique experience for each customer is important as well because they will see that you care about their needs being met. Having customers feel valued is key to success. Remembering that they are coming to you for a unique reason and creating a personal connection will allow the customer to feel as if they are exerting less energy into getting what they need. 

2. Being Proactive When It Comes to Their Needs

Customers want to have an answer to their problem before it becomes a problem they recognize. Although, if it gets to the point where they need to reach out having a prepared agent to give them an answer in a clear and concise way will allow them to take note of the successful interaction. By monitoring frequent questions that come to agents you are able to forecast that trend and formulate the most well-rounded response. Proactivity is key to ensuring efficient conversations are happening and creating a happy customer.


Recognizing a customer's needs and wants before it becomes a large-scale issue will minimize customer exertion in the present and the future. Customers want their experience to be tailored to their needs so they feel valued. Creating a customer experience that requires minimal effort is key to providing a well rounded customer experience.

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