How Trust in the Government Relates to Customer Experience

How Trust in the Government Relates to Customer Experience

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In the last couple of years, government services have made the push to become technologically advanced and offer many of their services online. Offering different services online from DMV registration to filing taxes will create a cohesive experience in every sector so Americans can easily get what they need. Americans are expecting the best service from different government resources just like they are with private businesses. Poor service will further perpetuate the lack of trust in the government and feel as if they are not effectively catering to American’s interests. Here are four different ways in which trust in the government is related to customer experience.

1. Timeliness is not always enough

In recent years the government has seen the demand for information in every sector increase. Americans want accessible and reliable information in a timely manner. However, timeliness is important but creating trust and having a true connection is something that is highly valued. Understanding their perspective will create a bond built on mutual trust. 

2. Empathy is necessary

Empathy starts with an understanding conversation between two people. Each person is trying to navigate the conversation to find the best path to success. Three ways to implement empathy into the conversation are as follows

  • Remember that they are a person who has feelings and those should be respected. There may be times when tensions run high in the conversation but keeping in mind each side has feelings is important. 
  • Try not to repeat the same information over and over again.
  • Create an engaging and straightforward conversation.

3. Technology facilitates empathy

Having technologically sound systems that promote a straightforward relationship between the two parties is gathering actionable insights. Combining data and AI will allow for key insights to be gathered, prediction of what could happen in the future, and implement empathy. 

4. It is always for the people

The government is here to serve the people and make sure that all their needs are met. The pandemic caused a shift in a lot of the government services yet they were able to adapt in a time of uncertainty through implementing different types of technology that created for an easy line of communication. 


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