IVR Expands Government Resources

IVR Expands Government Resources

ivr expands governement resources

It is safe to say the load and demand on Unites States Government websites have grown substantially both in visitors to sites and urgency of access. Exponentially increased volume of those needing a way to connect to government sites quickly overwhelms staffing limitations and leaves citizens and others disgruntled and frustrated. Several government agencies found an effective solution through a qualified and established Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) provider. A panel of designers works alongside to personalize each agency's IVR solution. Matching script wording, prompt options, and other significant programming is incorporated and launched quickly. That’s not even the best part! Successful providers understand this is a living project and offer flexibility to make modifications during go live, so users never have a break in service while maintaining consistency.

IVR masterfully takes over the daily and frequent questions from callers about all government-related topics available to the public. In times of heavy caller traffic conditions, calls can exceed well over 400,000 in a year. It would be impossible to staff, as needed, with unpredictable shifts and trends directly impacting volume. To better serve all citizens, the USA government site (USA.GOV) has adopted IVR programming to better and more efficiently answer requests, allow callers to check the status of different applications, and take payment and verify identity through personal information gathering.

Another proven advantage IVR offers the handling of calls by live agents. The need for a person to handle calls is significantly reduced with successful redirection and referral. Think of the time saved and human resources preserved when using IVR to take calls that do not require a person to intervene to resolve and close the call successfully. IVR callers are prompted to answer straightforward questions to direct the call appropriately. Based on keypad or voice response, callers are seamlessly directed where they need to be on the first attempt. The immediate efficiency IVR offers will lighten the burden on administrative staff and call agents and leave callers more satisfied.

IVR Provides Consistency and Continual Access

Providing consistency and continual access, callers are not limited by time zone or language because first-class providers will offer languages from all over the world and sound incredibly authentic to callers. It is a way to add a personal touch to an automated call.

Remarkably, after only hours of initiating IVR live, USA.GOV quickly realized the additional benefits of using the automation throughout the day, maximizing its resources. You can read about their experience first-hand. IVR naturally fields callers through a “call tree” designed in collaboration with your agency’s specific needs. Based on responses, incoming calls to live agents are significantly reduced, and inquiries are resolved quickly and efficiently. Using a reputable IVR provider ensures the programming includes a structured way to vet calls and determine those that are high-touch and require further assistance. Omitting this option would be a disservice, and the information helps provide accurate data reporting and tracking.

If there is a pattern of a specific inquiry that results in agent engagement, IVR programming can be modified to provide different information or prompts on the front end. Analysis and real-time data tracking can be accessed through the dashboard. Reporting is easy to read and identifies any changes that would enhance and improve the system. Experienced providers include experts to work alongside government team members to establish simple, easy-to-follow prompts designed to meet your caller’s needs. A modern cloud-based IVR solution team will work alongside to customize reporting, so gaps that might exist are identified and addressed.

Incredibly, as seen with USA.GOV, results are realized immediately after go-live. Due to the solid foundation a modern IVR program offers, customization can be done by design experts and implemented quickly.

Used in several government agencies, contact centers, and private companies, IVR is a natural alternative to use resources better. Providers experienced working within budgets allow any size group to maximize the benefits of IVR. Across industries, companies have successful IVR programs lightening the load and better serving individuals. Organically a best practices tool, IVR expands the reach of existing processes and is limitless in call capacity. Finding an exceptional and flexible cloud-based IVR provider can change the trajectory of any government agency by successfully managing any call volume.

IVR is an effective solution for government agencies, yielding immediate results. A natural extension of existing processes and offering consistency, IVR evens out the inevitable fluctuations in government agency requests. Having the flexibility to make changes quickly and stay live is an incredible tool to have.

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