Retail Re-imagined Through Cloud Technology

Modern Cloud Retail

Although consumers may not realize it, they hold the key to retail success in the post-COVID marketplace. Higher expectations and a myriad of options for customers drive retailers to re-think how to connect with customers across channels. The customer experience they are used to must translate from online interactions, where customer interests and purchases were tracked to personalize the experience and make relevant suggestions. As a result, we see the development of the personalized customer experience working seamlessly between online and in-store interactions. As one can imagine, this balance and continuity are a technological challenge whose solutions come from experienced cloud technology providers.

If you have visited a mall or store lately, it is evident retailers are navigating unchartered territory as consumers choose in-person, virtual, or a combination of both. Offering online, curbside, quick delivery, and in-store shopping means retailers need ways to continue the personal experience across these channels.

It is safe to assume consumers have technology at their fingertips and can share the experience they have with a brand in an instant. Business owners and managers understand the impossible task of erasing a negative review, so staying ahead of the curve and providing customers what they have come to expect is how retailers can ensure customer loyalty and positive feedback on social posts and surveys.

Always striving for an exceptional experience, retailers work with solution design teams to incorporate cloud ability to gather and organize data. Using modern technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), continues the personal experience and matches well with the retail market. Integration of available and upcoming cloud technology is essential in enhancing the customer experience and building brand loyalty.

Adding technology to any business is an investment. As our nation moves to re-opening, retailers will benefit from thoughtfully incorporating modernizations that will encourage flow and flexibility to consumers.

Building Relationships With Consumers

An immeasurable benefit to retailers and consumers using technology for consumerism is data collection through websites and apps. Organized data creates custom interactions, so the challenge is how to continue this customization when customers begin to venture back to the store. If consumers are used to a personal shopping experience online, they should have that experience across all interaction channels with your brand.

Customers do not like to repeat information and expect it to be known. How can employees engage consumers with the same familiarity they have become accustomed to? How can customers feel they do not have to start the journey over with the same brand? Reputable and experienced providers make data available to agents, maintaining personal suggestions for purchases and promotions. If retailers can offer this experience successfully, the result is free marketing through positive social media.

Every Consumer Interaction Counts

Retailers know every interaction can build brand loyalty or give the consumer reason to look elsewhere. Cloud-based technology offers consistency across channels and encourages engagement using websites, apps, and other interactive solutions.

Retailers put their trust in those on the front lines with the consumers. Equipping those responsible for your brand's success is one way to provide your customers an exceptional experience.

Integrating technology that allows consumers to try things on virtually is an effective way retailers can continue to meet the needs of consumers while keeping it personal. Engaging customers at this level strongly supports cart fulfillment. If a customer can envision themselves with your product, technology can prompt feedback and refine suggestions.

Store Experience Re-Imagined

Marketing through storefront design is trending toward an overall experience for shoppers. Creating a feeling through displays is seen across the retail industry, including grocery chains. A themed display suggests a snapshot in time with all the items a necessary part. This innovative approach leads to more purchases to re-create the experience rather than a few things planned initially for purchase.

Another trend paying off big for retailers is creating space for shoppers to feel comfortable and not rushed. Nordstrom stores often house an in-store restaurant, and you will also see more couches and sitting areas for shoppers with free WiFi. Attention to environmentally friendly efforts and sustainable products is another important consideration for consumers.

Cutting Edge Retail Technology

Today, the available technology offered through cloud-based solutions presents retailers with several options to improve and continue personal customer experiences across multiple channels. A purposeful strategy to incorporate modernization has unlimited potential. Building brand loyalty and encouraging additional purchases naturally result when customers have consistently excellent service.

Additionally, retailers have an advantage through data collection and analysis to identify products less popular. Using data analysis can prevent overstocking and provide guidance when determining if a product is no longer relevant.

Customers are at the core of brand success. Retailers have an incredible opportunity to incorporate cloud technology and develop solutions that ensure continuity and personalization regardless of whether the interaction is digital or in-person. Recognizing the value and potential each interaction holds keeps the focus on the customer. Organically, happier customers mean additional sales, free positive marketing, new consumers, and returning customers loyal to your brand.

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