Pharmaceutical Inside Sales Representatives

An Extension of Your Marketing Sales Efforts

Meeting the Evolving Challenges
Of Pharmaceutical Inside Sales

VCloud recognizes the evolving challenges of today's pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Navigating a crowded global market involves intentional, cost-effective omnichannel strategies. Reaching healthcare professionals and retailers directly affects your market share and ROI. Offering relevant, innovative, and timely solutions specific to your company's goals, our program design team partners with you to establish your sales team needs and implement them quickly.

VCloud offers scalability and flexibility that fits any size budget and can be implemented with a short turnaround time from concept to implementation anywhere in the world.

Physician/Pharmacy Inside Sales Teams

Inside Sales solutions organically enhance existing marketing and outreach efforts for physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies. Trained sales team representatives have the flexibility to communicate globally by phone, email, social media, portal, or other preferred means of communication. Inside sales agents extend the ability to reach remote areas without field representation. VCloud sees the inside sales team as an extension of your marketing sales efforts to healthcare professionals. The flexibility and agility of a custom program allows for real-time feedback and adjustments without downtime.

Flexibility is critical to staying current and relevant in today's evolving market.

At VCloud, Our inside sales solutions are tailored to forecast resource needs and meet organizational goals.


Working With VCloud


VCloud Physician Inside Sales programs incorporate:

  • White space coverage
  • Vacant territory management
  • HCP office profiling
  • Field rep support
  • Sampling programs
  • Formulary notifications
  • Lead generation
  • Crisis communication

VCloud Pharmacy programs provide:

  • Education and awareness
  • Independent pharmacy stocking
  • Formulary notifications
  • Crisis communication

VCloud Hospital programs bridge gaps in:

  • White space coverage
  • Vacancy management
  • Field support & lead generation
  • Hospital pharmacy sales
  • Hospital profiling

Customized Trained Agents

Your Salesforce Partner

Our talented team of inside sales representatives are ready to find the solutions that best suit your company's needs.

Advanced and Targeted Healthcare Training

Every HCP interaction is revolutionized through advanced and targeted healthcare training. VCloud provides agents that have the background and experience to work seamlessly in conjunction with any specialized training. We work collaboratively with you to ensure the program is designed to fit your organizational goals and provide a positive experience for your audience.

Agents are trained specifically for your needs and are able to masterfully:

  • Approach the market confidently.
  • Provide relevant and pertinent product information to your customers.
  • Professionally communicate with physicians and pharmacies to increase your market share.

VCloud provides an advantage for companies competing in the pharmaceutical market through extensive resources and options. Companies seeking to pioneer the global market have a diversified edge using VCloud's Inside Sales Team solutions.

Technology and Reporting

pharaceutical sales reporting

Using a multi-channel marketing strategy is reflected in the technical abilities of VCloud programs. Our advanced solutions allow real-time data reporting for inside sales activity and capture spill-over from any communication channel. This data allows for swift and precise adjustments based on feedback. Data reporting is easy to analyze and presented in various ways depending on your company's measurables. Analysis drives decisions to make modifications ensuring success in meeting deliverables—each program tailored to meet organizational goals allowing for ease of access to data tracking. Relevant and accurate reporting reveals gaps that outreach can bridge to increase customer satisfaction and global market share. Reporting enables your field representatives to act nimbly and maximize opportunities.

Data analysis is useful in identifying a multitude of opportunities. Increasing agent productivity and identifying and capitalizing on white space is another area VCloud data reporting can help improve your global market share. Increased success is dependent on capturing opportunities that otherwise might be overlooked in an ever-changing market.

We understand it is critical to evaluate progress in real-time and trending to identify areas for improvement.

VCloud technology surpasses the industry standard, allowing your company to stay ahead of global market opportunities.

Patient Support Services

Patient relationships are at the core of pharmaceutical success. The global consumer group is deserving of attention, care, and consideration when designing a patient support program.

Any customer reaching out must feel heard, valued, understood, and satisfied. VCloud patient support representatives resolve many calls the first time while building trust and loyalty. Having compassion and empathy for each patient or caregiver and exhibiting their purpose to help is what differentiates VCloud representatives. Staying connected requires a trained and experienced patient support team to ensure customer satisfaction through a personal connection.

Agents use training and experience to provide your patients with excellent, white-glove service consistently. The expertise of our patient support team allows them to innovate and help patients with their needs immediately. Agents actively engage customers from initial contact and address any questions or issues with the right response at the right time. Patients have a seamless experience as agents act as liaisons.

VCloud is trusted worldwide and supports patients, building your brand's loyalty and relationships for life.

Clinical Trials

As each new product enters the trial market, VCloud understands the time-sensitive nature of initiating communication with health care professionals and potential consumers globally. Agents can serve many purposes during a clinical trial that alleviate the demands that are critical at inception. Agents specifically trained to provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Screening – initial inbound and outbound screening.
  • Staying in Touch – following up with trial participants ensures retention and increases the likelihood of trial completion.
  • Marketing - identifying potential trial groups through savvy social media outreach.
  • Tracking - recruitment efforts are monitored and tracked to drive future actions.
  • Engagement - continual, consistent, and personal attention with all potential candidates helps screen effectively while fostering a positive experience regardless of eligibility. Our agents refer non-qualifying candidates to resources that can provide support.

A comprehensive program to initiate a clinical trial is an efficient and effective way to introduce a product quickly. Tailored to your needs, using approved qualification criteria, our trained representatives assess and find the right candidates for your trial while establishing sustainable relationships and positively reflecting on your company.

Time is of the essence when implementing a new product for a clinical trial. VCloud trained and experienced representatives are ready to begin screening immediately.

VCloud offers proven solutions to reach the market both locally and globally while lowering costs and substantially extending market outreach. VCloud is committed to progressing your product from awareness to endorsement through excellent solutions and service using multi-channel marketing.

clinical trials solutions


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