Hands Off Technology: Making the Switch to On-Demand Cloud Services


Communicating with your customers via phone, text and even video these days is mission critical, so why mess with the headache and endless costs that come with taking care of these services on your own? If your company has not yet moved to a true on-demand cloud vendor for your communication technology, read on for reasons why you should.

Reason 1: Stay Current and Leave Your (Capacity) Worries Behind
When tackling communication technologies in-house, companies can be riddled with those annoying housekeeping concerns like, “Are we due for an upgrade? How much do we have to pay for that? What kind of new equipment do we need? How much will THAT cost? Are we running out of space? How can we avoid that?” Who has time for all that nonsense? Outside vendors, that’s who.

With a true on-demand cloud vendor, the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting of telephony and IVR services is done for you. Upgrades are free at your fingertips, and there is never an issue with capacity. Some cloud companies (like VCloud) don’t even require a volume commitment in order to sign a contract, further removing the stress levels on your end.

In the past 10 years, speech recognition, storage and the corresponding costs, telephony, video and artificial intelligence have seen more competitors and changes than in the 40 years before it. At this rate of growth, you need the best of the best, year over year, without the constant need for more money and equipment. You need a vendor that can keep up, has been in business long enough to have worked out the kinks, and will continue to make improvements and take cost cutting measures over the life span of your relationship. Most importantly, you need to find that perfect fit for your company1 ; a vendor that can not only meet your cloud needs, but align and mesh with your environment as well.

Reason 2: Save on Costs
“But we want to spend unnecessary money!” said no company. Ever. Which is why one of the biggest drivers for Cloud is the cost cutting.

Outsourcing cloud services can actually cut internal costs up to 70% 2 by eliminating the need for companies to purchase their own servers, routers, networks and other information managing devices. Not only does this cut out the cost of the equipment itself, but also the energy costs of running servers and equipment 24/7. Additionally, when you outsource a cloud hosting service, you outsource their team as well – which means the number of in-house IT employees needed (and the costs associated with them3) can drop dramatically if not completely.

Reason 3: Focus on Your Business Core, Not the Technology Behind It
Unless you are a technology or telecommunications company, technology is likely NOT the core of your business, nor where you want your focus to linger.

Choosing the right cloud vendor allows you to laser focus on your product and move at the speed of business, not at the speed of your technology team. For 50 years, businesses have been at the mercy of their IT teams. You want something? You get in line, it gets prioritized and when your time comes, you feed them requirements and hand hold through the process. There are often loops to jump through and technology limitations that the business side doesn’t understand, and the process can be drawn out, frustrating and inefficient. The two sides simply speak different languages. Often, IT teams are either "winging" it with solutions, or acting as a middle man between you and a larger technology company.

Higher levels of tech expertise are more important than ever these days, and many companies do not have that kind of expertise in-house. By cutting out the middle man, companies can work directly with a team of experts are dedicated to getting better results and finding solutions your internal tech team would likely not even know to look for 2.

Is VCloud Your Perfect Match? 
In the words of Vanilla Ice... "If there was a problem, yo I'll solve it"...  At VCloud, all we need is the problem at hand and we'll provide a solution - we don’t need to waste our customers' time collecting a laundry list of requirements before starting a job. We can (quite literally) design and build from an idea etched out on a cocktail napkin. Our process is quick and adjustments can me made easily throughout the process, making the experience efficient and seamless. Call centers for agents can be set up in one day; more complex projects (with all the bells and whistles) can take up to 3-4 weeks.

A prime example of how effective outsourcing can be is our work with a major pharmaceutical company. COVID-19 has driven many companies – especially healthcare companies – to outsource simply to keep up with demand, and this company was no exception4. We were successful in making FDA required changes right up until the Go-Live date and are one of the few companies that can handle unknown volumes of calls. With our platform, 100 calls an hour is the same as 1,000,000 calls an hour, so our clients will never experience that awful fast-busy signal that can still plagues old school companies that can’t hold up to the call volumes.

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