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IVR Solutions for Software and SAAS

Whether you already have software or SaaS applications, or if you’re in the development phase, it’s never been easier to add powerful, rich voice communications features to your offering or support services.

Use Cases

Voice enable your CRM or data

  • VCloud will voice enable your data and follow existing processes for verification to allow callers to open a case, update a case, read case notes and connect with the same rep that worked on the case.

Easy integration with any web-accessible data

  • VCloud’s platform is architected to easily integrate with any ERP, CRM, or other backend databases. It also is also payment gateway agnostic, providing total freedom for companies that process payments. VCloud works seamlessly in the background to give users a great in-app experience.  Typically integration takes 1-2 days including testing.

Enhance your product offering

  • We give you the tools to add a range of voice applications, like interactive voice response (IVR), outbound notifications, and SMS, that adapt to the needs of your application and your end-users.


  • Boost the productivity and efficiency of your business processes, incorporate payment processing, automate notifications, and more.

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VCloud Features

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VCloud is both HIPAA AND PCI-Compliant, offering unmatched security. Whether your patients are relaying sensitive information or participating in wellness programs or clinical trials using the phone, their information is always safe and secure with VCloud. 

True Cloud Model

True Cloud Model

Scale up or down in volumes as much as you need without penalty or delay.



"Global" means we can deliver the software and storage to - or call toll-free telephony in - any region of the world. Speech recognition for 120 languages and variants with an extensive vocabulary.



Unleash the power of VCloud's feature-rich platform to achieve unmatched flexibility that can include all channels and handle even the most complex tasks. Our platform can follow the same process as those that utilize live agent-form verification to handling a ticket or order.



Regulation and marketing changes require a technology that keeps up with the speed of your business in a world where technology has typically dictated speed to the business. VCloud is the only provider promising 24-hour turnaround times for changes.



Our pharmaceutical team has been together for over 10 years and understands the regulatory environment, adverse events, processes, goals and is proactive in its approach.


VCloud Interactive is a subsidiary of VoiceCloud LLC. We have been making voice communications better for over 10 years.

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