Advanced Text Messaging Solutions.

Carrier complexities handled for you

Advanced Text Messaging.

For every message to reach its destination, a lot has to go right. We don’t leave that up to chance. VCloud handles ever-changing telecom logic and carrier-specific rules to ensure your message reaches its destination.

Phone numbers in 32 countries

MMS - Send and receive picture messages and SMS on the same phone number.

Short Codes - Send high volumes of text messages with a 5-6 digit shortcode using the same Programmable SMS API

Flexibility - Texting to individual consumers from IVR or Agent Desktop or campaign texting.

Use SMS Across the Customer Lifecycle.

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The scope of services for employees and citizens must be delivered within budgetary and resource constraints. Meanwhile, products and services need to be evaluated in light of regulatory compliance, future needs, national priorities and technological advances.  VCloud allows government needs to move at the speed required of each need and not at the speed of the IT team.

VCloud is constantly creating and implementing solutions that meet today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s. We have a long record of providing self-service solutions to government agencies. We have worked with almost every type of public entity, providing assistance to both federal military and civilian sectors, to state, county and local governments, and to the K-12 and higher education markets.

Smart Content Handling

Natural Language Engine recognizes intent within your messages and translates it into data your app can use.

MMS rich-media support sends and receives photos, gifs, videos, and more.

Support for any character intelligently detects and handles unicode characters to ensure your emoji and non-standard characters make it to their destination the way you intended.

Smart encoding ensures your messages aren’t split. Detect easy-to-miss Unicode characters like smart quotes, en dashes, and Unicode whitespace, and replace them with a GSM-encoded character

Intelligent concatenation: Your message, delivered as intended. We use automatic segmentation, annotation, and reassembly to guide your message across disparate global carrier network requirements.

Message body redaction protects user data by not storing the full body of the SMS in your Twilio logs. Set automatic redaction patterns to remove phone numbers, credit cards, or profanity in a message.

Government IVR Use Case Examples

  • Gathering Legislative Opinions – Indicate and monitor support
  • Automated Disaster Roll-Call System – Allows individuals or groups to “check in”
  • Course/Seminar Registration
  • Collecting Name, Address, Email
  • Opt in and out of programs
  • Collect or Dispurse Funds - tickets, child support, registration fees
  • Password Reset

Text Message Delivery Intelligence and Compliance

Opt-out management
Stay compliant with regulations. Automatically handle standard replies such as STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL for messaging on long codes.

Two-factor authentication
Authenticate users securely with a one-time passcode or push notification.

Phone verification to prevent fraud

Notify Multi-channel messaging
Store your users' preferences of a channel — from SMS to Slack, to Alexa — and Notify delivers your message to that endpoint

Recipient area-code Geomatch
Automatically send text messages from a number with an area code closest to the recipient.

Sticky Sender
Send messages with the same phone number to create a consistent experience for the recipient and maintain conversation history.

Spread messages across a group of phone numbers to reach large audiences in a short amount of time.

Message queueing
Automatically queue messages on each phone number to match the throughput recommendations of your downstream carrier.

Message expiration setting
Set a maximum delivery window for Twilio to send your time-sensitive messages.


Enterprise Programs

Customized To Fit Your Needs

Our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

Proactive Client Healthcare Programs.

  • Activate a card
  • Patient Appointment Reminders
  • Health Wellness Notifications
  • Flu Shot Reminders
  • Medical Device Testing
  • Product Notifications
  • Prescription Benefit Changes
  • Post Treatment Surveys

Tech Talk: Healthcare Examples.


The company can push out automated status updates based on activity or stage in the process.


“If you can’t afford your medication, our company may be able to help. Text HELPMED to xxxxx to learn more.”

interactive voice response programs

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