The Unique Digital Dilemma

The Unique Digital Delima


There are two opposing views of how technology has markedly affected human interaction – this is the digital dilemma. One of these views firmly believes we are gripped by the digital age, which takes away from the human interaction experience and distracts us from engaging with others. The strong opposing view is without digital solutions, commerce and community could not progress, and we certainly would have seen more mental health decline through the pandemic.

Dysconnectivity and Connection

Is it safe to say technology and digitally abled programs and applications allowed humans to survive the dysconnectivity forced by COVID-19? It is possible that excessive use of technology, used as a replacement for human communication, could negatively affect mental health. However, the last two years had launched more regular use of technology to stay connected when in-person interactions were not allowed or considered safe.

Digital solutions have proven to enhance business, learning, and communication, providing hope for the future and returning to some sense of normalcy by reconnecting with the community. Business owners quickly figured out customers did not lower standards or expect less during COVID-19. They realized customers had choices, and with things opening once again, establishing brand loyalty is crucial to sustained success. The by-product of implementing an effective and comprehensive digital solution naturally leads to increased trust and brand loyalty.

Many owners found that automation for callers allowed more calls to be handled while routing, gathering information, and serving customers better than before. This also allowed those on staff to manage the calls that needed personal attention and equipped them to address callers with knowledge, confidence, and empathy.

People Want To Be Heard

The pandemic revealed the fact that people want to feel heard and understood. They are reaching out for connection and help. Consumers were forced to live and communicate online for more than a year. Businesses, both large and small, have figured out to keep customers coming back, the experience must be positive, helpful, and focused.

The customer experience is a product in itself, with the power to set a business apart from its competitors.

Large and small businesses alike should consider truly hearing customer needs and requests while mastering a sincere and timely response. Customers have choices now they never had before the pandemic. Many businesses will probably continue sales and services remotely. Instead of the prettiest storefront and best parking with ease of access, customers focus on their value. How customers are treated is the top indicator of how important they are to your business, quickly determined during contact.

The Future of Business

Customers are in control of the future of businesses, and they demand excellence. In the race to ensure customers are treated exceptionally and consistently well, companies are turning to digital solutions such as AI and IVR. Integrating a multi-channel solution instantly provides consistency and unlimited call volume ability. One of the incredible elements an experienced provider can offer is scalability based on the need and size of the company and budget. It truly is a viable option for all business owners across industries.

So, even though statistics show dealing with customer service is considered inconvenient, COVID-19 in effect took away other options. When people do reach out, if a company can provide a personal and valuable experience, it is potentially a customer for life.

Interactive Voice Recognition Fills Connectivity Gaps

Exceptionally designed IVRs exceed interaction expectations. Your digital footprint is part of your business and should flow organically throughout the customer experience. As expectations rise with more competition in the market, utilizing digital tools is something significant and small companies need to consider. VCloud is an industry pioneer, always seeking to improve technological solutions to fill gaps and ensure enhanced customer experiences. Offering the broadest range of dialects, voice recognition and response programs are incredibly realistic, providing unique and personal interactions.

It is worth mentioning that although many have experienced the feeling of isolation, communicating via video conferencing, texting, blogging and social media apps enabled people to stay connected when physically traveling came to a standstill. Travel, safety guidelines, and limited product availability remain expensive, complex, and unpredictable factors for consumers. Customers are using commerce as a way to stay connected, whether it is working from home, instructing a classroom of students, touring a museum, or buying groceries. If businesses collectively adopt modern technologies to enhance the brand or service they offer, customers will be more satisfied and likely to return.

Focusing On What Is Important - People

Although the digital dilemma will certainly not be resolved in this post, thoughtful technological solutions can improve the customer experience and help provide a personal connection for callers. Focusing on the overall well-being of people, a balanced combination of both digital engagement and human interaction is likely the best solution out there.

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