Tools to Make the Agent Experience Better

Tools to Make the Agent Experience Better


Agents are the front-line workers of call centers and their needs and wants are constantly evolving with the changing times. 2022 can be the year where these needs and wants are finally implemented to improve contact centers. Software and technology for contact centers are constantly evolving and updating it is not a shock that they are now able to handle incoming calls more efficiently and productively. The implementation of the latest and most modern software will give agents the tools they need to be successful. Agents may have a few items on their list of things they want to be implemented into the contact center that makes their lives easier while still providing agents with outstanding customer service and 2022 is the year to start doing this. Here are a few different tools that will be beneficial all around. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

There are periods of time when there are huge influxes of calls that can strain a contact center's resources. Agents can only handle so many callers at the same time. IVRs mitigate the need to hire more agents at certain periods of time. Instead, IVRs can help mend the gap until you are able to train and hire more agents. 

Interactive Voice Response systems can collect data from the incoming call to assess their needs and direct them to the proper agent. This allows agents to best address customer needs and gives them the proper resources to fill their requests. IVRs make the process of gathering information on callers easier while still appropriately handling any influx that may be seen. 

Customer Feedback via Surveys

One of the best ways to get a customer's opinion on what they thought of their service is through a short survey or questionnaire. It allows for direct feedback and a customer satisfaction service to be a part of the already existing interaction. 

It allows for an automated system to ask a few questions after the interaction with the agent is completed. It can be based on a score ranking different parts of the interaction such as did you find the interaction to solve your problem or was the agent you talked to friendly. Questions similar to these will allow you to assess the positives and negatives of the agent interaction. 

Call Center Analytics

Data may be one of the most important tools in our industry if not the most important tool. It gives us tangible feedback on where we are lacking and where improvements can be made. Contact centers drive to deliver the best results and get the data all the while still maintaining quality interactions. Having real-time data and analytics will provide you with actionable insights that will create an efficient and effective call center. 

Artificial Intelligence

Live agents are great for dealing with complex larger issues that need to be talked through to find the best solution. However, certain issues can be dealt with via live chats, social media, chatbots among others. These tools still allow for customers' questions to be answered and can often provide them with more timely answers. Adding AI into the call center will allow for an additional way customer inquiries can be handled. 

Customer Hold Time Estimator 

In an ideal world, customers would be connected to an agent the moment they call to have their problem solved. However, this is hardly the case due to call volumes changing all the time. Informing your customers of the potential wait times will allow for transparency which is highly valued. During hold times you have the opportunity to inform your customers of changes happening in your business and how you are there to best serve all customers. 

Implementing these Tools

Adding these tools into your call center will allow for agents to prioritize customers and have a streamlined process in handling all requests. All of these tools are not necessary but having a combination of some will allow for new levels of success. Agents are able to see firsthand where they feel growth can be achieved both in their roles and in where customers feel like they can get more in return. Using these tools will allow for actionable insights to be acquired that have trackable results.  


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