Utilities such as water and electric have become essential to our way of life and the technology we use. Air conditioners, dishwashers, and washing machines all rely on utilities to work, and we depend on these machines as we go about our daily lives. Because of this, customers rely on utility companies that provide high quality, innovative services to keep their homes in working order. By providing convenient and easy-to-use methods for scheduling service visits, asking questions, and inquiring about outages and other emergencies, your company can remain an industry leader. VCloud has the solutions you need to give your customers what they need, when they need it.


Consistent Experience: Provide exceptional customer care across any combination of voice, SMS, mobile, web and social channels, allowing customers to seamlessly move from a self-service check on an electric bill to a live agent call in order to dispute a certain charge

Proactive Customer Care: Alert your customers of upcoming service appointments or billing changes before they happen

Mobile Self-Service: Allow customers to report an outage and receive updates during an emergency through a mobile app or SMS alert
Intelligent Routing: Make sure incoming service inquiries are handled by the best resource available based on type of customer and current situation (for example, service used or on-going service interruptions)

Social Engagement: Prepare your customers for disasters by providing updates and advice on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

Security: Help maintain security at power plants and other private locations through password protection and enhanced account safety

Workforce Management: Make sure your service personnel arrive at customers’ homes on time by creating effective schedules that require the shortest travel time