VCloud 2019

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Technology Summit


VCloud Summit 2019 Registration

  • Terms

    Fees: You will be contacted by a VCloud travel concierge within 24 hours. After registering the concierge will coordinate the details for your room and ensure you receive your hotel confirmation(s).
    Flight: Everyone must arrange their own flights to and from the Summit. Please indicate that you agree and will obtain your own flight arrangements
    Meals: Please tell the concierge if you are required to pay for your own meals.
    Hotel room: VCloud has booked a block of rooms at the discounted rate of $250-350 PER NIGHT
    Summit: VCloud will be providing for all your summit expenses including meals, entertainment speakers, conference rooms.
    Note: Our guests may also book rooms for this discounted rate up to 3 days prior or after the Summit should they want to extend the trip for relaxation and fun. However, you will have to pay those nightly fees.