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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Technology Summit

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October 14-16, 2019

at The Breakers Hotel and Resort - Palm Beach Fl.

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We live in a world where our customers increasingly expect a completely connected omni channel experience.    

If you are interested in learning from experts how technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/natural language, chatbots, blockchain, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and biometrics can facilitate a holistic customer experience and would like to collaborate with your industry peers, this is the Summit for you!  


  • Registration and Expenses:  

Each participant must cover their own flight.  VCloud will cover other costs. The registration page below will allow you to tell VCloud which expenses (if any) you wish to cover yourself. 


AGENDA October 14-16, 2019 


  • Travel day
  • Raw bar light appetizers/open bar 2 hours 4:30-6:30 pm
  • Dinner following


  • 7-9:30 AM Breakfast 
  • 10 AM – 11:45 AM 
    • AI, NL, chatbots, conversational AI
  • 12 Noon-1 PM Lunch on the water 
    • Blockchain and how it will change /affect/benefit healthcare
  • 1:15 -3:15
  • Reconvene inside 
    • Biometrics
    • 5G
  • Free time 3:15-6 PM
  • 6 PM Cocktails, dinner


  • 7-9:30 AM Breakfast
  • 10 AM – Noon
    • Internet of things-benefits for marketers, hurdles, etc.
    • Round table discussion
  • Noon – 1 Lunch
  • Conference wrap up!

Please also enjoy the hotel amenities: Pools (4) and beach, spa, fantastic exercise classes/personal training and gym all overlooking the ocean.  



Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language
As payment structures evolve, patients demand more from their providers, and the volume of available data continues to increase at a staggering rate, artificial intelligence is poised to be the engine that drives improvements across the care continuum. AI offers a number of advantages over traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques. Learning algorithms can become more precise and accurate as they interact with training data, allowing humans to gain unprecedented insights into diagnostics, care processes, treatment variability, and patient outcomes.

As users can access content at a rapid-fire pace, marketers will have more opportunities to reach their target audiences. A 5G-enhanced media environment, in turn, offers more ad inventory opportunities as super-fast wireless connectivity means high-end screens can be located anywhere.

The future portends a new era of biometrics. Advances to the technologies, lower costs make them more attractive to healthcare organization. Other technologies like artificial intelligence will, in turn, also give biometrics a boost. It also could dramatically change the kind of messaging marketers and advertisers do.

IOT Internet of Things
Wearables will change the way we market, deliver content, our ability to personalize programs and “close the loop” when we try to measure adherence and persistence. The average US adult spends 6.3 hours each day with digital media, over half of which is spent on their mobiles. Gone are the days when marketing decisions were guided by intuition and experience. Important marketing decisions are now determined by big data. Data integration and making use of different data sources is at the core of personalized medicine.

Blockchain in Healthcare
Blockchain technology has the potential to transform health care, placing the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem and increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data.


Guest Speakers

Priyanka Vergadia

Artificial Intelligence Advocate @ Google and certified Google Cloud Architect

Anne Zieger

Founder The Healthcare AI Report. Insightful analysis of healthcare AI trends, important applications and news

Raj Sharma

CEO of Health Wizz - Offering a mobile application platform that helps individuals aggregate their health records.

Aman Quadri

CEO of AMSYS Blockchain and AMCHART Health Ecosystem Co-Founder at Blockchain in Healthcare Global - IEEE ISTO

Julia Webb

Vice President Marketing & Alliances at BioConnect -20 years of management experience in the biometric industry

Summit Registration

  • Terms

    Fees: You will be contacted by a VCloud travel concierge within 24 hours. After registering the concierge will coordinate the details for your room and ensure you receive your hotel confirmation(s).
    Flight: Everyone must arrange their own flights to and from the Summit. Please indicate that you agree and will obtain your own flight arrangements
    Meals: Please tell the concierge if you are required to pay for your own meals.
    Hotel room: VCloud has booked a block of rooms at the discounted rate of $250-350 PER NIGHT
    Summit: VCloud will be providing for all your summit expenses including meals, entertainment speakers, conference rooms.
    Note: Our guests may also book rooms for this discounted rate up to 3 days prior or after the Summit should they want to extend the trip for relaxation and fun. However, you will have to pay those nightly fees.

Should you have any question regarding our summit, please contact Garrett Paul at

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