Why Omnichannel Routing is Important in Contact Centers

Why Omnichannel Routing is Important in Contact Centers

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The way in which customers reach out to businesses has expanded beyond calling via telephone. They are now able to reach out to you via texts, chat, and email. Creating a contact center that is able to manage all the incoming forms of communication properly is key to having a successful contact center. 

How does Omnichannel Routing Relate to Contact Centers? 

Omnichannel routing handles the influx of customer inquiries across the different platforms they contact agents with. It ensures that customers get directed to the proper agent at their first point of contact. 

Customers expect their needs to be handled quickly and efficiently no matter what means of communication they reach out on. All inquiries need to be handled seriously no matter the platform and one can not be given priority over another. Swiftly handling all customers and directing them to the appropriate agent is omnichannel routing's primary goal. 

Why is Omnichannel Routing Important? 

Customers who are reaching out via any platform want their questions answered in the most efficient manner. Customer service representatives have one chance to make a good impression and create a positive impression for the brand in the customer’s mind. No matter what channel they contact you through, directing them to the appropriate agent will provide them with an expedited process to get the most accurate information. 

Three Benefits of Incorporating Omni Channel Routing in Call Centers

1. Hold times are reduced

Highly capable processing systems are able to match the customer with the appropriate agent. It is a seamless process that customers will not recognize what is happening but appreciate the results. Being transferred as few times as possible will create a positive image in the customer’s mind. 

2. Agents are more efficient

Agents are able to get matched with customers in their area of expertise. Omnichannel routing recognizes a customer’s problem and effortlessly connects a customer with the best agent. Agents are now able to interact with more customers and provide them with the best information of their first contact.

3. More satisfied customers

Omnichannel routing allows customers to get their questions answered in an efficient manner. There is less transferring between agents no matter what channel they are directed through. Customers get what they need and they are satisfied with their results creating a good relationship with your brand. 


Utilizing a system that allows for seamless communication between different platforms will allow for quick response times and satisfied customers. Technology is constantly evolving and incorporating an omnichannel routing into your call centers will help you keep up to date on the newest developments. 


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