Enterprise IVR Solutions.
Call Centers.
Cloud Communication.
Inside Sales.

Enterprise IVR Solutions.
Call Centers.
Cloud Communication.
Inside Sales.

Maximize Your Company's Opportunities.

VCloud's exceptional enterprise solutions maximize your company's opportunities to expand its reach and increase growth in unprecedented ways. Innovative, cloud-based programming and solutions in IVR products, Inside Sales, and ACD Call Centers remove existing limitations by reaching more customers, building relationships, and delivering remarkable experiences.

Our strategic offerings provide increased flexibility, scalability, speed, and personal attention to manage and modify programs quickly and effectively. VCloud experts continue working to build and develop the best programs to meet your company's organizational needs.

Enterprise Programs

Customized To Fit Your Needs

Our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

Unlimited Potential.

Your company's success depends on building meaningful relationships and loyalty to your company and brand. Our cloud services provide superior state-of-the-art technology, trained and proven industry specialists, and reporting that is unmatched in accessibility, ease of interpretation, and scope of analytical data tracking. Our powerful combination of skill, experience, creativity, technology, and reporting sets VCloud solutions apart from the competition and offers a fresh perspective on increasing market share, productivity, and business growth.

Genuine Cloud Model: Unleash VCloud's feature-rich platform's power to deliver unmatched flexibility that includes multi-channels and handles even the most complex tasks. Our platform can follow the same process as those that utilize live agent-form verification to running a ticket or order.

Security: VCloud's infrastructure is created to exceed the security standards of the industries that you serve. We perform rigorous audits to achieve PCI-DSS, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance, which means that you never need to worry about your applications' security. By surpassing these standards, we are exceptionally well-equipped to serve the Pharmaceutical, Finance/Banking, and Healthcare Industries. Maintaining physical and technical safeguards that protect the confidentiality and integrity of your electronic information.

Global: We deliver outstanding software and storage to any region of the world. Your company can reach beyond limits to connect with more people than ever before, creating accessible and meaningful communication using broad speech recognition for 120 languages and variants with an extensive vocabulary.

Speed: Regulation and marketing changes demand technology that stays ahead of the speed of business. Our cloud-based programming provides real-time data analysis and an industry-first promise of 24-hour turnaround times for changes.

Flexibility: Scalability to accommodate any size organization and budget, VCloud can scale up or down in volumes as much as you need without penalty or delay.


Soar Ahead of Your Competitors with Programs Designed, Programmed & Implemented in Weeks.

Soar ahead of the competition by providing outstanding experiences with VCloud solutions. Our Customer Experience Team will work alongside you to determine which programs meet and exceed your company's needs to unite communications successfully. VCloud programs are implemented expeditiously, designed, and programmed in most cases within two weeks.

The VCloud Difference Agility and Flexibility.

Focusing on integrating a plan of action that is effective upon implementation, easily modified without penalty or a break in functionality in real-time. Using VCloud programming is a cost-effective way to immediately expand existing efforts offering IVR, Inside Sales, or Call Center support programs.

pharaceutical sales reporting

Data Reporting Above the Rest.

VCloud's data reporting is the best in the industry, with easy-to-follow graphics, charts, and drill-down options for real-time analysis within your programs. Your company must have any-time-access to reporting and the flexibility to adapt the programs as needed. In choosing VCloud solutions, you have a panel of experts continually monitoring and working closely with you to ensure any necessary adjustments are made quickly and with little to no turnaround time.

Your Enterprise Partner.

VCloud provides relevant and critical data for analysis, allowing for flexibility to make real-time changes for seamless decision making. Through successful business partnerships and years of experience, VCloud understands it is critical reaching more customers through voice and digital communication, integrating cloud-based technology to allow unlimited access anywhere in the world. Building hybrid enterprises within the pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality, banking, and veterinary care industries, our programs are carefully and thoughtfully designed with your business goals at the center of everything we do.


Successful IVR Applications Don't Just Happen.

They require experts who know your business intimately..

Why Use the Cloud?

All of our IVR systems run through the Cloud. This ultra-modern technology allows for fast up-time, simple repairs and changes to the IVR system.

Get Your IVR Out and Rolling...Fast!

VCloud crushes competitors with one simple belief:  Speed and accuracy are everything. Our average IVR system is up and running within 2 weeks.

Interactive Voice Response - IVR Programs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions provide an individualized front-line experience for incoming callers. VCloud employs multiple data collection methods to support a unique experience. Through touchtone, voice activation, and AI response, VCloud programs significantly increase caller volume as customer's needs are pre-determined, and calls are routed rapidly to the appropriate channel. We choose experts within your industry, trained extensively to masterfully handle communication and any adverse reporting with expertise.

Streamline a seamless experience for your audience and allow VCloud to customize a program that can be implemented quickly and begin seeing the benefits clients like Pfizer realize by choosing VCloud for IVR programming.

Our Established clientele in Pharma, banking, and healthcare, benefit from tailored solutions to maximize outreach, minimize caller wait times and ROI potential.

  • Outbound Dialing and IVR
  • Advanced Text Messaging Solutions
  • AI: Virtual Assistant Solutions

Meeting Emerging Inside Sales Challenges.

Inside Sales Representatives successfully bridge gaps among outside sales representatives and those remote areas that may otherwise be overlooked. VCloud Inside Sales Solutions begin with qualified experts in the field, followed by unique, extensive training for your specific audience. Inside Sales representatives provide world-class customer outreach, ensuring your brand is professionally represented in tandem with marketing efforts to capitalize on white space and other market potential. Consumers worldwide need your product, and VCloud Inside Sales representatives offer a superior solution to support your sales team.

Your Call Center Partner.

We know Call Center Enterprise Solutions are paramount to your company's success.

We start with a superior Automatic Call Distribution Platform that utilizes any combination of inbound routing for all contact types, including voice, email, chat, IM, social, and SMS, to deliver superior customer service strategies. Communications are screened, routed, and tracked appropriately – the first time.

Our highly trained customer experience representatives allow inquiries to be addressed anytime and from anywhere in the world. VCloud knows it is essential to have calls answered by someone knowledgeable and willing to help. Partnering with VCloud for your Call Center guarantees your program is expertly designed, implemented, and modified. Your company's Call Center Solution provides accessibility while supporting a high-quality experience.

Transcription Services – offering 24-hour turnaround on transcription services concerning adverse event reporting while adhering to all regulatory requirements. Our Transcription Solutions effectively monitor and track overflow services, marketing leads, and voicemail messages.

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