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Enterprise companies have always depended on innovation and R&D for supporting department and brand needs or bringing new products into the market. In today's competitive environment, however, the number of challenges in program support, drug development, manufacturing is beleaguering enterprise companies. This has led to the increasing trend of outsourcing R&D. For over 10 years, growing companies have commonly used outsourcing solutions, but forgetting the original intent to deliver the best experience and shortest call resolution. To experience the true benefits in outsourcing, one must find a provider that has the technical expertise and platform that allows the live agents to work toward these goals.

Our expertise and commitment to our client's goals make VCloud your trusted call center partner, not just another vendor.

We understand the task of providing timely, sensitive, and accurate responses to inquiries, and the challenges of doing so in today's difficult regulatory environment. We recognize the critical nature of this function and have developed quality and regulatory compliance processes to protect our clients and their customers. Using our proprietary "channel preference management tools", we can also help you engage with consumers using their preferred method - whether that be chat, email, social media, or by phone.

We deliver:

  • Ease of access to product information
  • Convenient and fast ways to get answers and provide feedback about products
  • High levels of customer service and first-call resolution
  • Companies that stand behind their products
  • Data Reporting and transcription services

VCloud offers call center live agent services through dedicated, shared, or flexible models, and will work with you to find the perfect model and pricing that fits your needs. We believe that every interaction and communication has the capability to take any professional or consumer from simply being aware of your product to becoming an advocate for your product.

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Our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

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