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Exceeding industry standards, VCloud's renowned Interactive Voice Response Solutions play an integral role for today’s businesses by offering the opportunity to expand and extend outreach and accessibility. Automation with human-sounding voice interaction allows 24-hour access to your company information and engages users without limitation. What this means is high-value interactions can happen at any time, anywhere in the world. Regardless of size, industry, or budget, VCloud’s unique and customizable design is a natural extension of existing staffing and resources.

Adaptable and personalized solutions can be scaled up or down in volume on an as-needed basis without penalty or delay. We have seen businesses thrive by adopting IVR and believe there is room for interactive voice programming across industries. We recognize companies seek continued growth and excellence. VCloud IVR is explicitly designed to meet goals quickly and cost-effectively. IVR solutions are an investment, as well as a reflection of your business model. Choosing VCloud takes the guessing out of the equation, maximizing the benefits through a dedicated panel of design experts. As your business grows, VCloud specializes in assessing and working with you to bridge any gaps due to developing needs or other changes, resulting in a smooth and seamless experience for those connecting via your organization’s IVR.

Rising above other providers in agility, stability, and proven success stories, VCloud is known for implementation that is leading the industry in design to go-live and lightning-fast response, no downtime for modifications, and programming support unmatched by competitors. VCloud is committed to providing the best cloud solutions, and guarantees what we offer can extend your business and provide users a memorable and positive voice interaction experience in any capacity.

VCloud recognizes no business is static, especially in today’s markets. Our team of experts thoughtfully helps with data analysis and offers the best reporting structure shown for IVR. As your needs change, VCloud continues to excel in exceeding expectations. Solutions are customized so that every aspect of the program is used intentionally. Our experts implement modifications quickly whether a new element or option needs to be added or something becomes obsolete and needs to be removed. Those experiencing VCloud’s IVR will always have current and relevant information that sheds the greatest light on your company and aligns with your goals.

Our IVR Solutions include VCloud's remarkable Automated Speech Recognition for the best IVR Solutions for your caller's needs.

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Advanced Speech and Language Solutions.

VCloud offers speech, language, and multimodal interface solutions that deliver unprecedented accuracy and performance.

Since the advent of Siri, speech advances have made giant leaps, and you need a partner that is consistently ensuring you have the best speech recognition possible. VCloud continues to improve and develop speech and language solutions for effortless two-way communication using IVR.

Enterprise Programs

Customized To Fit Your Needs

Our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

Text To Speech

Text To Speech (TTS), also known as Speech Synthesis, is a process where the text is converted into a human-sounding voice. Don’t think about the robotic voices you hear from competitors. Our TTS is very human-sounding, and we offer multiple languages and accents. Surpassing other providers in a number of languages and accents mastered by our TTS, VCloud automatically offers relatable, realistic, and easy-to-understand prompts for your callers.

VCloud TTS is ideal for other applications including:

  • Read-aloud applications of texts, emails, or news updates
  • An inexpensive way to convert call recordings into text for use in speech analytics tools, to store text in a CRM.
  • Customer care
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Audiobooks

VCloud’s development team successfully pioneer deployments of IVR solutions using TTS during testing to guarantee the best experience for those using the system. No other provider offers this, allowing VCloud to take strides from idea to implementation. A designated team of developers, 24-hour support, and VCloud’s True Cloud Model provide you the best IVR available.

VCloud TTS is used instead of recorded files, where changing a message requires re-recording with a human voice. TTS prompts can be dynamically generated from raw text and replaced with recordings when testing is complete. Using TTS allows for modifications to be made with no downtime throughout the process and enables immense adaptability.

Automated Speech Recognition

VCloud is the market leader in Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) as Speech to Text conversion vastly outperforms its competitors. VCloud consistently tests our ASR platform against others in the industry to continue to provide the best possible results available. VCloud ASR solutions are adaptable to specific domains, environments, and languages.

Our technology recognizes 119 languages and dialects (and more coming soon) to support our global user base. We build responsive (or streaming) applications that act on partial recognition results as your customer speaks. Our technology bridges communication gaps, so your callers do not get lost in the queue or experience frustrating and confusing prompts. VCloud offers more options, faster time to implementation, and advanced TTS and ASR tools to ensure the best Interactive Voice Recognition available and outcome for your business.

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