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IVR Solutions for Healthcare Providers.

VCloud is trailblazing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) programming tailored to healthcare companies all over the world. Surpassing other providers in voice recognition, VCloud offers more than 120 different languages with an extensive vocabulary and authentic accents to ensure all patient and healthcare provider interactions are seamless with global reach.

Our healthcare team has been working collaboratively together for more than ten years, bringing to the table extensive experience and knowledge unmatched in the industry. Effectively working with your company, VCloud experts establish programming needs and quickly have the system set up and ready for go-live. Agents already with healthcare backgrounds can be specifically trained to provide the level of service you expect for your patients and healthcare providers. Our Healthcare IVR programs become a natural extension of your medical establishment while never losing the personal touch, making it easier for callers to get what they need the first time.

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Imagine using customer data in REAL time for a personalized interaction EVERY time. By providing a better overall experience, you will immediately increase your company’s ROI.  As your healthcare company extends its reach through an IVR program, VCloud ensures unlimited call volume with agents ready to be onboarded as needs go up and down with trends revealed through real-time data reporting.

Flexibility and adaptability are critical to increased success in healthcare. Helping more patients and connecting field representatives with inside staff through data collection keep information in one easy-to-access portal anytime. Field agents can easily use mobile task reporting abilities from anywhere. This state-of-the-art programming offered through VCloud streamlines data increasing employee efficiency, and allows field representatives and office staff to interact in real-time.

VCloud offers a cost-effective and proven approach to preparing your company for fluctuations in healthcare by providing a personal and powerful tool for your patients and healthcare providers. We believe adopting a cloud-based IVR program will increase the efficiency and bottom line of your business. Medical companies rely on VCloud for their Healthcare IVR programming because of an established track record of never having downtime and handling exponentially increased volume of calls and never limited by night and weekend hour availability of trained agents.

Healthcare IVR Case Uses.

Ensure no opportunities are missed by incorporating VCloud IVR programming as part of your healthcare services. Offering an effective alternative to paper methods assists in many areas that are typically handled by staff, and some of those areas are as follows:

Healthcare Finder

Using simple-to-follow voice prompts and keypad or voice response, callers use parameters such as zip code, phone number, or insurance information to locate pharmacies, physicians, and hospitals.

Status Updates

More than 40% of callers are seeking status updates. Save time and reduce the wait time to a fraction with 24 hour/7 day access liberating agents to handle more complex calls and use their training.

Patient Reminders or Surveys

Release your live agents to use the gifts you hired them for by using IVR to send and track patient reminders and surveys automatically. Outbound messaging can handle setting up initial appointments, reminders, and follow-up of missed appointments to re-schedule - all automatically tracked and reported results in fewer missed appointments.

Case Management

Customer service is improved through the insurer's ability to personalize, initiate, evaluate and track treatments. Collection of vital information is held in the highest confidence ensuring federal regulatory compliance. Using IVR for case management helps determine the effectiveness of care and establish courses of action. Managing case information in one spot improves the overall care experience.

Payment Processing

using safe and secure processing, improve efficiency while protecting patient information using PCI DSS to meet compliance. Payment reminders result in fewer delinquent payments and offer an easy way to pay on the spot, offering an incredible return on investment for healthcare providers.


Mobile Time and Task Reporting

Healthcare professionals in the field can record time and task information anywhere they have access to a phone using IVR. This reduces paperwork and streamlines data input thereby improving employee efficiency in the field and in the office.

The VCloud Difference.

Highly trained and experienced program managers and agents that can take your idea from concept to reality within weeks. In contrast, other Enterprise providers need months to establish a detailed, custom program of this caliber. An expansive architecture to build upon and tailor to your needs also allows for necessary changes completed within 24 hours of request without additional cost. VCloud understands the healthcare industry is anything but static. Having the ability to scale resources is time-consuming and costly for any individual healthcare business. In outsourcing your IVR to VCloud, you instantly have unlimited resources at your disposal. Successful healthcare companies need the flexibility and team trained and able to adjust programming as needs arise.

Let VCloud do the heavy lifting, allowing your healthcare business the freedom to grow and improve without resource limitations.

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Our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

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