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IVR Programs for The Pharmaceutical Industry.

VCloud’s Omni-channel IVR programs are exclusively designed by an experienced pharmaceutical team that works collaboratively with your company to blueprint and initiate application within weeks. VCloud recognizes that when you invest in IVR, your company is seeking growth and expansion now, and time is of the essence. Unmatched turnaround time, flexibility, and scalability are all part of the VCloud advantage, offering any size company and budget next-level interactions for healthcare providers and patients.

The VCloud advantage is unmatched in functionality, speed in design and changes, scalability without penalty or delay, conversational platform, disaster recovery, artificial intelligence (AI), actionable analytics, and 99.9% uptime for all clients.

VCloud Guarantees Results.

Our team of specialists has successfully been helping pharmaceutical companies design and initiate successful IVR programs for more than ten years, saving clients millions of dollars. Knowledge of industry regulations is critical and handled with careful consideration in programming.

Compliance is a priority.

Specializing in inbound and outbound calling, VCloud experts design personalized cloud-based programs which allow your company to reach and help more people. Through SMS (text), chat, mobile, email, and fax, VCloud's Interactive Voice Response frees up agents to handle more complex and high-value interactions – boosting agent productivity and increasing your company’s ROI quickly, and then increase over time.

We understand your company’s success depends on healthcare professionals and patient interactions. That is why VCloud works diligently to ensure your customized IVR program maintains a personal feel with organic voice options that prompt engagement. VCloud’s expansive voice recognition and response program add value by genuinely connecting and does not take away from the personal experience. Easy to understand and follow voice and touch-tone inputs on the keypad, users can easily and effortlessly manage their pharmaceutical needs.

VCloud is the only provider to offer this level of high-quality programming. VCloud is unmatched in turnaround times, successfully launching new programs within weeks that immediately track and report real-time analytics. The flexibility and trained professionals on staff allow VCloud to make changes as needed and work side by side with your company throughout the process and for the program's lifetime. VCloud programming experts work collaboratively with your company to build and initiate a compelling and personal IVR experience.

The possibilities are endless.

Pharma Use Cases.

Cost Containment and Caller Satisfaction

  • Fulfillment of brand information by mail/e-mail/phone
  • Customer data/lead capture
  • Access to Prescribing Information
  • Enrollment in Patient Assistance Programs
  • Activation of Savings / Co-pay / Trial Cards
  • HCP Product Orders
  • Self Service and Forms filled out in PAPs
  • Product / Healthcare provider locators
  • Containment  + Intelligent transfers with screen pops

Drive Brand Loyalty / Product Efficacy

  • Automated “where is my order”, status updates, read notes or leave notes.
  • Personalized Health and Wellness programs
  • Daily medication reminders
  • Proactive engagement across multiple channels
  • Sample request and fulfillment
  • Medical information requests

The VCloud Benefits.

At VCloud, we understand pharmaceutical companies are faced with many challenges in today’s changing market. We realize you have choices and that adopting an IVR program is an investment. Our experts bring years of experience to the table, providing support and guidance as your custom program is outlined and implemented. Once go-live happens, our team is prepared to make modifications quickly and without penalty or fees to you.

Leading the industry in experience, VCloud offers the most complete and comprehensive Pharmaceutical IVR programs available. True and organic customization helps pharmaceutical companies realize untapped potential in expansion and reaching healthcare providers and patients.

  • Advanced Level Reporting
    VCloud reporting is the best in the industry. Tracking and reporting that is customizable with a quick turnaround. Watching real-time data on call volume, refill requests, call duration hang-ups, and more.
  • Caller Satisfaction
    VCloud is a pioneer in card activation and brand information requests that can be done with ease using a purposefully designed IVR program. Users can access prescription information, enroll in-patient assistance programs, and access product and provider locations conveniently. Our programs are also enabled to collect customer data, capture leads, and effortlessly fill HCP product orders.
  • Cost Containment
    Containment tools and intelligent transfers with screen pops that provide agents relevant information for the call, providing a smooth transition for the user.
  • Driving Brand Loyalty
    Making headway and setting new industry standards, VCloud offers its customers an advantage in growing and increasing brand loyalty. Automated status updates, daily medication reminders, and medical information requests proactively engage users while also offering health and wellness program options, sample requests, and fulfillment.
  • Efficiency
    Staff and agents can work continually and manage manual requests as needed. Freeing up staff through VCloud's IVR program increases agent productivity, reaches more people, promotes growth, and increases ROI.
  • Mobile App
    Patients are prompted to download the mobile app, giving them access to the added convenience of managing their accounts on their phones. Photos with logos and brands as well as patient refill history are available through the mobile app. Patients can check the prescription status and determine where it is in the process. Whether there is a call out to the doctor, awaiting refill, or ready for pick up – patients benefit from VCloud’s adaptable and personalized IVR experience.
  • Outbound Patient Messaging
    Notifying patients they are due for refills, the order is filled and ready to be picked up, and shot reminders are programmed with ease. VCloud is also able to establish blast marketing within your program.
  • Surveying
    Able to ensure contact information is current, VCloud’s IVR programming can verify personal details while adhering to regulatory requirements. VCloud is also able to establish a satisfaction survey.
  • Unlimited access
    Refills, requests, and transfers can be made anytime and anywhere. Allowing 24-hour access removes any obstacles faced with limited office hours.

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Our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

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