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VCloud’s Omnichannel Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) directly provides an immersive customer-focused experience, resulting in higher sales and customer retention.

As customers are inundated with touchpoint options and each customer preference is personal, it is critical to connect them using the integrative design of Omnichannel IVR. VCloud intentionally designs solutions, so businesses experience the full benefits Omnichannel IVR offers.

The customized design begins with a partnership as VCloud’s experts create a relevant and effective Omnichannel IVR platform solution. Platforms are explicitly customized to identify the most critical touchpoints for your customer base, offering unimagined freedom and automation. VCloud solutions provide organizations the opportunity to eliminate the complexity of telephony infrastructure. Instead, Omnichannel IVR seamlessly connects multiple touchpoints, including inbound and outbound calling, SMS (text messaging), live chat, websites, mobile apps, email, and fax. VCloud experts incorporate the channels determined most relevant to your customers. The VCloud difference is masterfully creating an Omnichannel experience that merges existing channels with additional channels you need VCloud to provide.

VCloud builds Omnichannel IVR platforms that make sense and make a difference. The result is a single-point, seamless end-user experience.

A powerfully designed and targeted Omnichannel solution can launch any business forward to tremendous success. VCloud’s thoughtful design and expertise elevate companies seeking growth through insight, innovative ideas, and go-live integrity without sacrificing speed to launch.

Scalability without the downtime and able to make modifications while live, VCloud is unmatched in the industry for providing harmonious experiences that continue to develop higher customer satisfaction.

VCloud’s exclusive approach and focus make the difference:

  • Functionality – thoughtful design and expert programming create an exceptional Omnichannel experience to fit your organizational goals and continually improve customer experience. Every cent you invest yields relevant results.
  • Disaster Recovery – holding exceptional data collection and retention standards, VCloud has the highest and fastest recovery rate available. No more worrying about lost or compromised data.
  • Speed – agile platforms and expert designers provide support, enabling faster than normal modifications whenever YOU need it, and fast! VCloud offers an exponentially faster turnaround for change requests.
  • Artificial Intelligence – incorporating AI into Omni Channel IVR design, programs are built to learn and develop deeper insight through contact. The intelligent design identifies gaps and eliminates missed opportunities.
  • Scalability – VCloud sees potential for Omnichannel IVR across industries, so the ability to scale is crucial. Flexible programming allows seamless scalability without downtime by expert scaling up or down depending on need, size of business, and budget.
  • 99.99% Uptime – unmatched in the industry, VCloud stays live even when other providers experience capability limitations. Unexpected volume variations or uncontrollable outside circumstances will not affect your customer's Omni Channel experience.
  • Conversational – VCloud focuses on providing a personal and exceptional experience through continual conversation improvement using refined and realistic dialects. Offering more than 120 languages with authentic accents, VCloud reaches customers worldwide using advanced language recognition.
  • Actionable Analytics – VCloud’s reporting surpasses other providers in accessibility and ease of analysis using dashboard navigation. Always keeping sight of continued growth and improved experiences, analysis is easily done using interactive and real-time data, allowing immediate change requests to maximize opportunities.

Focused Omnichannel Excellence for Your Success .

Omni Channel Solutions

As customers have a personal and seamless experience, your brand is consistent across channels. Consistency equals converted first-time customers and repeat business. The immediate benefit of adopting an Omnichannel IVR solution is increased sales as customers spend more. Channels of communication are aligned and connected, ensuring customer encounters are smooth, from inquiry to purchase.

Customer experiences improve subtly as real-time data across channels builds a history with each step for an increasingly exceptional customer journey.  Choosing VCloud’s Omnichannel solutions results in greater staff efficiency due to the natural ease and flow of information. Simply put, customers are happier. Satisfied customers significantly impact your business through a higher purchasing frequency prompted by Omnichannel IVR.

Build brand advocates through a simple, accessible, efficient, and personal Omnichannel IVR experience.

Improving convenience by successfully connecting touchpoints through to purchase, VCloud’s design organically results in minimal cart abandonment. In consideration of all the stakeholders in your business, VCloud works collaboratively to provide the best solution.

Offering support agents with preferred means of communication encourages repeat business using a customer’s chosen channel of communication, including but not limited to voice, video, and chatbot options. Shared and accessible data across channels connects customers and agents through multiple steps without losing connection or context.

Responsive Programming

Gathering customer feedback is incredibly relevant and significant in building business. Collecting reviews through email, apps, or other preferred channels improves ratings and strengthens loyalty programs. VCloud has a magnificent gift in unifying all channels effortlessly while presenting a premiere personal customer experience.

VCloud experts work tirelessly to use data and reporting to continue to strive for greater success, enabled to make modifications as needed with no downtime or break in connectivity.

Leading the Industry With The Best IVR Solutions.

Scalable, flexible, expertly designed, and supported solutions bridge gaps to optimize the customer journey. When customers are the core of your business focus, you instantly have a competitive advantage. VCloud designs and customizes Omnichannel solutions able to implement go-live quickly following concept design.

Each interaction is part of the customer journey. Incorporating a sustainable and proven Omnichannel solution enhances the customer experience regardless of the intricate process automatically mastered in the background. Customer profiles are constructed to provide one continual, effortless journey as AI learns customer preferences and automatically suggests additional and repeat purchases.

Organic flow from one step to the next within the journey keeps customers connected and loyal to your brand, which means increased sales. Every personal encounter is built into the customization and history of the customer and should continue post-sale. VCloud recognizes the importance of maintaining attention even after purchases and staying in touch with customers after each purchase has significantly shown to be effective in brand loyalty and repeat sales.

Engaging customers in a sophisticated and straightforward Omnichannel experience is essential to staying connected and building advocates for your business.

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