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Machine Learning Without The Heavy Lifting

Quality AI: Boost Revenue, Minimize Cost.

VCloud appreciates the push for organizations to expand, reaching more and building business. We stand behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a viable, increasingly accessible, and affordable solution to boost revenue and minimize cost while improving the quality of the user experience and building brand loyalty.

Conscious Pilot

VCloud is the only industry provider empowering live agents across channels using Conscious Pilot, where AI is reimagined. Across industries, AI offers personal experiences as bots use natural language processing (NLP) understanding and machine learning (ML) frameworks.  Conscious Pilot are intelligent bots masterly designed, built, and deployed to maximize agent productivity and inquiry automation.

Across industries, VCloud has successfully equipped clients with AI in healthcare, retail, hospitality, banking, and others. Naturally, by design, AI increases the bottom line, elevates customer service ratings, and multiplies return users through improved quality and consistency. Live agents are reserved to handle outlying needs to continue providing that next level of service when required. The foundation of effective AI design is to improve the customer experience by engaging users with intelligent interactions with a bot able to learn through experiences, personalizing these exchanges in extraordinary ways.

The VCloud Advantage.

VCloud Virtual Assistant solutions turn frustrating experiences into productive conversations across industries.

Why make things complicated when the right choice is simple?

VCloud’s Conscious Pilot uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to parse data, intent, and tasks from customer interactions out of the box. By design, Conscious Pilot breaks conversations into digestible pieces to support natural exchanges, act automatically based on input, and transfer interactions to agents while maintaining the natural flow of dialogue.

Operational Savings – it would be almost impossible to staff any organization 24 hours a day fully, 365 days a year, but AI offers that and more to your users.

Increased ROI – naturally, with lowering cost but use due to availability and consistency, ROI will increase.

Unprecedented Comprehension – Conscious Pilot is unique and leads the industry in intelligent bots that increase their effectiveness with more interactions.

Increased Sales – Availability, consistency, personalization, and targeted marketing yield measurable benefits in sales as part of the Conscious Pilot benefit package.

Customer Retention – Consistency and familiarity are critical factors to a satisfied customer. VCloud strives for excellence instead of satisfaction, always looking for ways to innovate and improve Conscious Pilot.

Satisfaction and Loyalty – Customers are immediately acknowledged and recognized. VCloud solutions are designed to create a flow with organic customer-led interactions.

Omnichannel Deployment

VCloud design experts have mastered deploying across channels. Conscious Pilot is integrated with channels such as Voice, SMS, Chat, Whatsapp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Alexa apps. Conscious Pilot communicates with your customers when and how you want. We also understand needs change, so designers can make modifications as needed and quickly. Customized to fit your needs, our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

Enterprise Programs

Designed to handle operations and facilitate business management reporting tasks, VCloud provides speed, scalability, and multi-channel deployment. Conscious Pilot is designed and built to enhance email marketing systems, optimize work performance, and streamline payment processing, offering operational and analytical customer relationship management, resource planning, and supply chain management.

VCloud clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes when working alongside an established team of experts with tried-and-true results for both large and smaller companies. Many of our clients are in highly regulated industries, so we thoroughly test specific use cases to see what the response is and calibrate it before going live. We value confidence and meet industry regulations to ensure compliance is maintained.

Operational Savings

Increased ROI

Unprecedented Comprehension

Increased Sales

Customer Retention

Satisfaction and Loyalty

Enterprise Programs

Customized To Fit Your Needs

Our skilled team at VCloud is ready to find the best business solutions to fit your company's needs.

Build Assistants That Get Smarter With Every Conversation.

artificial intelligenceChatbots (or Automated Intelligent Agents) are the computer programs you can talk to through messaging apps, chat windows, or voice calling apps. These are intelligent digital assistants used to resolve customer queries cost-effectively, quickly, and consistently. Gathering information from interactions, surveys, reviews, and more, bots use existing data and previous customer interactions to train your assistant to serve your customers better. This innovative solution can classify unique phrases to trigger actions or replies based on actual customer conversations.

  • Banking
    Providing multiple tools and resources in the financial sector to alleviate the workload, including fraud detection, cybersecurity, and pre-qualification for loan and credit applicants. Additionally, banking customers enjoy a bot that learns their history, identifies trends, and can make suggestions as more engagements occur. VCloud’s Conscious Pilot solution virtually provides a private assistant to customers using speech recognition and AI.
  • Retail
    Learning customers' buying and search patterns is a critical part of increased sales and returning customers. Once customers establish a connection, the prospects are endless as experiences are personalized. Targeted marketing focuses on customer interests and is specific to each user.
  • Healthcare
    Remarkably, Conscious Pilot can diagnose patients, recommend treatment, and handle the complexity many face matching health benefits with best cost options. Able to classify clinical documentation and manage medical records, AI processes claims, and even analyzes unstructured clinical notes, giving insight to quality and identifying areas for method improvement. VCloud exclusively offers the best in patient attention and care with Conscious Pilot.
  • Hospitality
    Offering superior service and eliminating human error with no time zone barriers, Conscious Pilot increases personalization and tailors recommendations for guests. Answering tourist-related questions as it learns from human speech, chatbots communicate through direct messaging, online chat, and social media. Work without limitations and offer instant response 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world.

The possibilities are endless, and VCloud’s team of expert designers brings a wealth of knowledge from multiple industries. Design is specifically targeted to the individual users in response to natural language processing (NLP) through user interaction with Conscious Pilot.

Conscious Pilot strengthens and perfects the integration between agent and chatbot, takes customer service to an unprecedented level, and empowers conversations across channels to engage users.

What's the Difference Between AI, NLP, and ML?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is building systems that can do things.

ML (Machine Learning) are systems that can learn from experience. It is a subset of Artificial Intelligence.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is the "ability of machines to understand and interpret human language the way it is written or spoken". The objective of NLP is to make computers/machines as intelligent as human beings in understanding language.  It is a subset of Artificial Intelligence.

VCloud’s solution seamlessly unites these elements, using the best each has to offer. The result is infinite possibilities to extend your reach to users and build brand loyalty. Ignite your business’ potential through VCloud’s unequaled AI solution, Conscious Pilot.

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