Government IVR Services.

Comprehensive IVR Solutions for Local, State and Federal Government

IVR Solutions for Government Agencies.

Government agencies are constantly contending with a challenging balancing act for budget and resources. A “partner” like VCloud is needed for speed, flexibility, security, ability to scale.

Government IVR Case Uses.

The scope of services for employees and citizens must be delivered within budgetary and resource constraints. Meanwhile, products and services need to be evaluated in light of regulatory compliance, future needs, national priorities and technological advances.  VCloud allows government needs to move at the speed required of each need and not at the speed of the IT team.

VCloud is constantly creating and implementing solutions that meet today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s. We have a long record of providing self-service solutions to government agencies. We have worked with almost every type of public entity, providing assistance to both federal military and civilian sectors, to state, county and local governments, and to the K-12 and higher education markets.

Government IVR Use Case Examples

  • Gathering Legislative Opinions – Indicate and monitor support
  • Automated Disaster Roll-Call System – Allows individuals or groups to “check in”
  • Course/Seminar Registration
  • Collecting Name, Address, Email
  • Opt in and out of programs
  • Collect or Dispurse Funds - tickets, child support, registration fees
  • Password Reset

More Government IVR Use Case Examples

  • Customer Callback
  • License Renewal – Hunting, fishing and more
  • Name and Address Collection
  • Unemployment Benefits Information
  • Driver’s License/Vehicle Registration Renewal
  • Post-call Surveys
  • Help Desk – Enter tickets, check status, update tickets, SMS integration.

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