FAX Solutions

Migrate and modernize the process of faxing!

VCloud FAX Solutions

Fax machines may seem like a technology of the past, however many of our clients rely on them daily. VCloud understands the critical value of faxes and can help streamline communication with these businesses.

VCloud FAX solutions include: 

  • Local and toll-free fax numbers available globally
  • Ability to send or receive faxes from anywhere in the world
  • Email faxing capabilities
  • 180 day storage for inbound/outbound faxes and media
  • Filtering options for easier searchability

Tech Talk: How It Works

We can purchase fax numbers for our clients in a matter of seconds, and deploy them for live production in just minutes.
Looking to build brand awareness? Let us find a vanity FAX number for you!

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VCloud Interactive is a subsidiary of VoiceCloud LLC. We have been making voice communications better for over 10 years.


USA & Canada: +1 877 845 1331
Australia: +61 2 8607 8595
Bahrain: +973 1619 8020
Mexico: +52 55 4631 3655
New Zealand: +64 9 887 3440
South Africa: +27 87 550 2727
United Kingdom: +44 2033 2256 62

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