Integrating Social Media into Your Customer Experience

Integrating Social Media into Your Customer Experience

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Why Social Media Matters

Customer experience does not stop at the interaction with the agent. Customers search out information on your company on social media and blog posts. Having an active role on social media where you can engage with your followers and users creates a strong brand identity. However, if you have no presence online and there are negative comments from other users on your brand they are likely to not engage with your company. 

Creating an amazing customer service experience is more than the interaction you have on the phone with an agent. Interactions, where there is direct communication, cannot be dismissed as important, however, they are kept between two people and are only recognizable to them. These real-time interactions solve or fix an issue and rarely get shared with the general public. 

In turn, interactions that take place on social media are a different game. Social media interactions are direct and are visible to anyone. Even if you dislike that all of your interactions can be seen, it is the nature of social media. Connecting with customers is a great way to create engagement with your company. By doing this you will have dedicated followers and have the ability to reach out to potential customers while maintaining a solid base. Neglecting this will lead to a lack of connection with your customers and create a gap in communication. Being consistent on social media will allow for a brand to truly build its identity. Here are three ways to enhance your social media presence. 

1. Interact with your followers

If your followers are engaging with your posts on any social media platforms be sure to cultivate and encourage this engagement. Responding back to comments or questions is key so your followers know that you care about their thoughts and opinions. Curating personalized interactions on social media will help your brand stand out and create a good impression in your follower's minds. 

2. Track the Interactions

Knowing what is being said about your brand whether that be positive or negative is critical to see where you stand on different social media platforms. This can be done by looking at comments and analyzing engagement rates on different posts. Being aware of the trends that your posts track and what is being said about your brand is fundamental in creating a good social media presence. 

3. Recognize that social media is part of customer experience

Social media is only one part of customer experience and plays a significant role in how your brand is viewed. Holding social media presence at the same value as customer-agent interactions is key because both define your brand. If you are adding social media to become part of your customer experience it will not happen overnight but takes time and dedication to create a solid base. Having a well-thought-out social media strategy will foster engagement in the future to become a true part of the customer experience. 

Social media is a great way to connect with customers and hear about their experiences. Listening to their wants and needs will prove to help you in the future because you are getting direct input. Not valuing social media can prove to have setbacks in that your customers are not directly hearing from you all the time. Creating a social media presence will allow for a two-way relationship between the customer and the company allowing a free flow of information. 


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