Three Tools To Implement To Stay On Top of Customer Expectations


Customers' expectations are constantly evolving given the events that are happening in their lives. The most recent transition would be the push for enhanced online services. Customers are more likely to feel a barrier when it comes to online service interactions and they do not feel a connection with the agent as much. In a recent survey, 82% of US consumers say human interaction matters to them and 38% say that customer service agents truly understand their needs. This is likely perpetuated by the online interface where interactions are happening and consumers are feeling like there will be no return to pre-pandemic normal interactions. Yet, we can give thanks to updated technology for allowing interactions to become more personal and lead to higher customer satisfaction. Here are three tools you can use throughout the rest of 2022 to stay on top of and get ahead of customer expectations. 

  1. Give agents all the tools they need. Your agents are the first people to interact with customers and making sure they are equipped to handle any situation is essential. Providing agents with the proper technology and making sure they are fully versed in how it works is imperative. This first interaction is where the customer agent relationship is formed and determines how the customer will look at the company going forward. Educating agents and instilling the idea that they are the front line of the company while still supporting them with all the necessary tools is how you will be able to track and stay on top of.
  2. Provide all customers the same level of service no matter what means of communication they use to contact you. Customers were forced in 2020 to start reaching out to companies in a digital manner and this meant the overall experience would change. Empathizing with the change is key because it was a transition that many were not expecting but making sure that customers were still treated the same is key. Keeping your tone and message consistent from email to phone calls is what customers value now and should never be overlooked. Allowing customers to choose what channel they contact you in will give them the freedom to use what is best for them while still trusting that you are maintaining the same level of quality.
  3. Explore Artificial Intelligence as a way to benefit your agents and customers. AI is the future of customer service and starting to implement that in your business now will allow you to get ahead of the curve. AI will help agents deal with influxes of requests and can mitigate calls by having questions answered through chatbots. This will create a seamless and streamlined process for agents to handle all customer questions. AI helps customers by allowing them to get questions answered at a faster rate. It is a great tool because customers can get quick responses and limit the number of times they would need to reach out. AI has direct benefits for agents and customers by providing a streamlined way of communication for everyone involved.
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